Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Best of the So-So
and the Mediocre--Revised

It's list season. Christmas lists, New Year's resolution lists, and best and worst lists. Because Wordlust : Paperfetish is by me, for me, and largely about me, so are my lists--with a couple of new categories since posting earlier today.

Here are my vainglorious calculations:

Worst Name for a Blog that I Hate Trying to Explain to People:
Wordlust : Paperfetish

Best Name for a Blog that I Wish I'd Thought of:
I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet A Wino

Best WLPF Title:
Wait--Come Back! The Bible--It's a COOKBOOK!

Best WLPF Title NOT Ripped Off of Anyone Else:
I Just Assumed You Wanted Me to Make An Ass Out of You

Post Most Likely to Provoke Litigation:
Letter To A Disgruntled Client

Post Most Likely to Convince Readers of my Dubious Sexuality:
Boyfriends Are For Women Who Can't Keep Their Cats Happy

Lamest Post Recieving Many Comments:
Brains...Must...Eat...Brains! (6 comments)

SuperCool New Yorker-Worthy Post--Ignored By The Masses:
A Bitch By Any Other Name

Why Jesus Has Spray-Painted and Broken Out the Windows in the House My Father Hath Prepared For Me:
Tie: Life On Earth: A Consumer's Report
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Why He'll Be Repainting My Heavenly Abode and Installing French Windows and Begging My Forgiveness:
Based On A True Story

Though It Was Hard To Choose, This Year's Best Post at WLPF:
Where There Are Lips...


Blogger Vince said...

I for one love the title of your blog. And the blog itself, of course.

Happy New Year.


7:15 PM  

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