Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weather Girl

It's snowing here in Portland. Twenty-eight degrees, east wind ablowin', and frosted flakes stinging exposed cheeks and nostrils around town.

An annual Christmas outing enjoyed by two of my best friends and myself was cut short this afternoon when tiny pellets of freezing rain teased from the sky--a sky that only minutes before was clear and blue.

"We gotta go now. I don't drive in ice or snow," said one of my friends. By the time she and I reached the east side of town, and our other friend was negotiating curves along Sylvan, the city had become blanketed in white. We arrived at our respective homes just in time.


This may be the year--the one year--that Portland gets a White Christmas.

Keep warm everyone, and get your cats and dogs in out of the storm.

If only real blizzards came in flavors,



Blogger Vince said...

Fun, no? But where's my day off?

9:39 PM  

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