Thursday, December 22, 2005

OK, Nevermind About the White Christmas

I should have known better--living in Portland my whole life. White Christmas. Ha!

Too broke and overwhelmed to shop this season. Everyone on my list was just a few dollars away from each getting a Fandango puppet. Or lottery scratch offs. Or baking. And even that requires nothing short of heroic life saving measures to get my adrenals and nervous system functioning.

Last night our clinic celebrated the season at Natasha's house, gnoshing on healthy dishes and lots of wine. Then we sat down to participate in our White Elephant exchange.

Funny. A room full of alternative philosophied-buddhist-pagan leaning lefties all wanted the same gift: A Jesus action figure--with glow-in-the-dark hands. Everyone kept stealing it. I was the last to pick, and I ended up with it, until it was snatched from my hands by a giftless gamer.

I ended up with a backpack containing a Beastie Boys CD, a Luna bar, and a headband flashlight.
They'll come in handy, I suppose. But they won't ever be a posable plastic messiah. Damn it.




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