Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If George Bush Can Be President...

...anyone can.

Aspirants to political careers worry about exposing skeletons in their closets. I can't imagine there are very many who may actually have literal skeletons-- in their closets, basements, and god fobid anyone should ask about the juice boxes labeled "Type O".

This guy doesn't have a past to cover up, but a present to, well--explain. Like many conservatives in this country, Sharkey wants to return to a simpler time with traditional values, and old world mores. He'd like to go back to an era not so very rife with political correctness, cell phones, or indoor plumbing. And, working within the system--if he would become president--would revert to its orignal intent and meaning. Working within the system would take only a few days--for the the sharpened stick on which one was impaled to work its way up from your bowels through your heart or neck or mouth.

This news article may look bad in anyone else's political career. I don't think it'll matter much to Sharkey's demographic. God help us all if he has a demographic.


Blogger Cassie said...

Mrs. Reher has a skeleton in her closet, but it is for educational purposes only.

2:07 PM  

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