Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fear Factor Recap: Xenophobe Xtravaganza!


A team of two Brahmans
A team of two Taliban soldiers
James Dobson and Pat Robertson

Stunt 1) Contestants were to retrieve 8 flags from the slippery slope of feminist and homosexual agenda. The team with the most flags in the least amount of time wins. Both Taliban contestants were disqualified after stoning then shooting all 8 flags. The Brahmans and the SBs advanced to round two.

Stunt 2) Contestants were given a choice of being submerged in a tank of aborted fetal tissue that could have been used for stem cell research, for up to two minutes, or eating as many live Madagascar hissing cockroaches as they could in two minutes. The brahmans assumed that the fetal tissue was female, and after praying to the cockroaches, remained submerged for the entire two minutes. Dobson and Robertson refused both stunts, saying that they wouldn't put anything in their mouths that had the word 'cock' in it, and declined to "wallow in baby chutney"after the Brahmans.

Stunt 3) The Brahmans competed against each other for a cash prize of $50,000 in a challenge suited specifically to them. Whoever could retrieve the most flags from a 6 inch beam ten stories high, in the least amount of time, would win this stunt. The flags had to be attached to a velcro-vested Untouchable, and this proved to be a problem for both Brahmans, who forfeited the sizable prize as well as bragging rights to having triumphed over fear.




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