Thursday, May 19, 2005

In this Dream...

I'm rushing into my house because I've spotted a big, black bear in the woods behind my backyard. I hurry to close and lock the back, sliding-glass door before he can charge me.

Later, I'm in my next-door-neighbor's house, which is also seems to be some kid of institution, like a school building or something. There are two black bears inside, sleeping, and now i'm trying to keep a serial murderer outside of the neighbor's sliding glass door without waking the bears.

I, along with some people I don't know, am trying to remedy the bear situation. The bears will wake up soon, and we have to figure out how to get them back outside. I'm worried that they'll attack, or worse--pee and crap all over the place. Bears shouldn't be inside, we agreed. It's not right. It's not natural.

One of them begins to stir, suddenly, the room morphs into a cliff that we're having to scale to put distance between ourselves and the bears. We seem to be cornered, trapped. The bears aren't actually chasing us at this point--but we're running anyway.

Suddenly, looking at the man I'm trying to scale the cliff with, I realize that I'm dreaming. I look down over the cliff, and tell him this is just a dream, and that if I jump, the bear problem will be solved. I jump, praying as I fall about a solution to the bear crisis, then realize, that if I know I'm dreaming, there is no bear crisis.

Keeping a threat outside of my sliding glass door is a recurring theme. Also, attaining lucidity when I'm cornered-usually in or on a dreamscape involving a very high place like a cliff, then diving, falling, flying for no other reason than I know it won't kill me, is also a repeated scenario.

Am I running from something that isn't even chasing me? Am I worrying about an eventuality that exists nowhere else but in my mind?

Are "bears" a dream pun (per Ann Faraday--The Dream Game) telling me that I'm bearing something internally, keeping something inside that will just make a mess, but doesn't pose a real threat?

Any thoughts?



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