Saturday, June 18, 2005

Aw, Shucks

Thank you, Aunt B, for mentioning my post about vaginal teeth in your post about Blog Aesthetics at Tiny Cat Pants. You've sent a good number of folks over to my neck of the woods, and I'm grateful to have new blood here at WLPF.

For visitors old and new, I've added a tagboard over yonder toward the bottom of the sidebar. Use it as a guestbook, or a bathroom wall, picnic table, wet cement--anywhere you might carve or scribble a short note for posterity. You can use it to visit with each other, or to tell me what an asshole I am, or to just practice your typing. It's not costing me anything, so I don't care.

So, my dear guests, please mingle at your leisure in the sidebar. There will be cake and coffee in the parlor later, and anonymous sex in the Jacuzzi (that Jesus built, by the way) for those spending the night.

Party on dudes,



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