Sunday, May 29, 2005

Whohoo! I'm Queen of
the Wor--Can you Hold Please?

The slump is over.

Starting this Tuesday, I'll once again be a working stiff. It turns out that the first choice candidate--whom they hired and started training--wasn't computer good. So they emailed me--their second choice, the understudy, plan B, the other woman--with the job offer. Whatever else I accomplish or even attempt in life, I will always know that if there is no one else around, I am better than nothing.

"Cindy St. Onge, world-famous receptionist and three-time employee of the month, started out as a lowly writer." That's right folks. I've spent the last two years trying to make a living as a writer, and fifteen books of stamps, twenty essays, two newspaper commentaries, two e-zine articles, three public readings, one letter to the editor, five writing contests, and gobs of blog posts later, I've managed to work my way back to a day job.

I promise that the certainty of a paycheck won't change me. I'll still be the same ol' Cindy who screens phone messages from her own friends, the very same obsessive/compulsive agoraphobic gal who keeps a journal and notebook in every room of the house. I promise I won't forget about any of you. Just press '0' for assistance at anytime. I'll be right with you.


Blogger Cranky Bastard said...

Hemingway, Thompson, St. Onge. Insanity drives some to the wrong end of a gun barrel, others to a day job. A cleaner departure for sure, but every bit as poignant.

I anxiously await your commentary as you sally forth on the employment highway to hell.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...

"sally forth..." I like that. I must use that in something.

Believe me, there will be commentary. And swearing.

Thanks for keeping me in good company:-)

10:49 AM  
Blogger Queen of the Inane said...

Congratulations! money is good, even if working sucks ass.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...

Thank you, Hannah. Money is good indeed.

6:20 PM  

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