Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's a Jungle in Here: Part II

Ok. I'm phoning this one in because I just don't feel like writing or being existential or deep or any of that crap. And, I couldn't make the point of living authentically better than Annie Dillard has in her exquisite essay, "Living Like Weasels." So just read that and you'll get the jist of what I'm trying to get at.

It'll be my turn to mow the lawn this time. Blech. We have a big yard and tall grass.
If you can pick a breed of dog to suit your temperment, why can't you grow a grass more suited to said temperment?

I have type A personality grass, which clashes horribly with my type L (lazy) personality. I wan't a more laid back kind of grass. Something that just wont grow because it's too much trouble. A kind of lawn that could grow thick and tall if it wanted to, but just can't seem to get around to it. I want a grass that procrastinates. A grass that isn't too proud to be mediocre. I want a goalless, ambitionless grass, a phobic grass--fearful of heights. Grass: Nature's Astroturf.

I could pave everything and just let moss cover everything. Alright. I'll just mow the frickin' stuff. Dang it.



Blogger AskRock said...

Hello Cindy,

I'm glad you enjoyed my post re WV and the English language. I'm even happier that you left a comment, which allowed me the opportunity to visit you blog. I enjoyed reading your work very much.

In the spring in Columbus grass grows faster then teenagers. It seems that I finish cutting it and it's time to cut it again. I hate it. Scott's (a national company located in the central Ohio area) has worked on a turf that looks green, thick and lush, but that grows Slo........w. I can't wait to have my lawn plowed over and resodded with this miracle turf (if they ever bring it to market).

I'll check back for further reading.


2:35 PM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...


Thank you for replying and visiting my blog.
I'm happy to hear that someone has masterminded a developmentally disabled grass. It's about time.

Happy writing (and reading)!


11:54 PM  

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