Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Welcome to the inaugural posting at Wordlust/Paperfetish!

This will be my sanctuary of self-indulgent bombast and incendiary feminist propaganda. Over the coming days and weeks, as we become acquainted, you'll be treated to my opinion on current events--and maybe some old, stale events too. You'll be privy to my daily insights, should I ever have one, and once a week, on Fridays, I'll post a sample of my morbid, sullen poetry. It'll be how I binge on the threshold of each weekend.

I'll write about all kinds of things, like writing itself, spirituality, dream interpretation, places I never thought I'd see hair grow, and stuff I hate.

I hope you find Wordlust/Paperfetish entertaining, insightful, and if nothing else, an eye-glazing distraction.

Buttered side up,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems I'm talking to myself. Just want to see if this works. Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?


12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i find your honesty very refreshing. It's nice when someone has the courage to give voice to the dark unatractive feelings of hopelesness that we all struggle with. i also loved your poem especially the last line!

Thank you for scratching an itch that i myself could not reach.
Joseph : )

8:55 PM  

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