Sunday, April 10, 2005

True Love Waits

Thirty-five years, to be exact. Prince Charles finally wed his longtime love, mistress, the-other-woman, soul mate--the former Camilla Parker Bowles.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as she is now titled, and her prince officialed things up yesterday in a civil service followed by a soul-scouring blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In an age when relationships unhinge under even little bouts of turbulence, Charles and Camilla have cemented a bond over the decades which has withstood both their marriages, the expectations of their respective stations, constant scrutiny from the media and the public. And still, they're devoted to each other.

Though the Prince of Wales has come off as a cad, in light of how he betrayed Princess Diana, and people still can't say the name 'Camilla' without an indignant toss of the head, it's obvious that these two just get each other. Are the rest of us a little jealous? A little?

C'mon, I'll fess up. It's damn easy to look down my nose at the scandalous pair. I've never even liked anyone for 35 years. I can't imagine what such a long-burning passion might feel like. Territorial and habitually solitary, I have a reptillian fear of intimacy. I avoid sentiment and attachment, because nothing good ends with -ment; Imprisonment, confinement, excrement.

These lovers, born into polish and priveledge--well-educated, well-traveled,well-heeled, well-known--they already live lives the rest of us would like a taste of. And, as if all the aristocratic perks weren't enough--they've found true love in each other. Not a fling, not a romp, not a dalliance, but a deep and abiding affection for one another. Admit it folks. We're jealous.

The two blue-blooded Brits have been groomed from infancy to keep their reputations and the good names of their families speckless. They are the example, afterall, of good breeding, impeccable decorum, and high civility. That they've insisted on cultivating their relationship, continually, diligently stoking the coals of red-hot ardor--in the public eye nonetheless--knowing what's at stake--that's fire.That is the fairytale Princess Di thought she would be living. If there is such a thing as true love, Charles and Camilla have it.

I heartily congratulate Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on their long awaited nuptials, and wish them every happiness.



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