Tuesday, April 12, 2005

125,000 Years? But I'm Mad Now!

Dr. Bryan Sykes, geneticist at University of Oxford and author of The Seven Daughters of Eve and Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men, postulates that male homosexuality isn't caused by an actual gene, but is a result of warring X and Y chromosomes.

The battle of the sexes happens on a molecular battlefield. How about that? So when people refer to me as a manhater, what can I say? Even my DNA hates men. It's true.

Sykes believes that the X and Y sex markers are driven to replicate their own kind, wiping out the competitor. A kind of genocide is happening with every clashing of sperm and egg. The Xs want a world of Xs and the Ys are all about the Ys. But the Ys don't exchange DNA like other chromozomes, according to Sykes, and that's what leaves the aloof Y prone to more mutations, and that's why they're losing the battle.

Mitochondrial DNA, found in the X zome is passed from mother to child. Diseases such as hemophaelia, male-pattern-baldness, and others are visited upon sons by their mothers. Insidious.
And genius. I've never heard of anything passed onto daughter from father, besides social dysfunction, that is. That's what separates the Xs and the Ys, the Xs are always thinking of others, while the Ys are self-absorbed louts.

Sure, the male can grow up to be a serial killer, wife-beater, rapist, or all three in the form of religious leader or government official. Let 'em have their fun. The y zome is deteriorating. And male infants have a higher mortality rate than females, except in some Asian cultures which practice a pro-Y campaign.

Back to the gay 'gene'. This is one way, devious though it is, that X keeps Y from replicating, by producing homosexual male offspring. Sykes refers to male homosexuality as possibly a kind of 'genetic altruism' which favors the agenda of the mitochondrial DNA. He has found that more often than not, tracing the matrilinial line of a gay male, one will find more aunts than uncles, and those uncles are either out, or 'confirmed bachelors' if you know what I mean.
He believes that between increasing male infertility, homosexuality, infant mortality, etc, along with the Y zome mutating itself into oblivion, the X chromozome will win the battle in a mere 125,000-150,000 years, or some 5000 generations.

I'm not sure I can wait that long.

Anyway. So if team X eliminates team Y, how will the Xs replicate in the future? Maybe we never needed the Y in the first place. I think they were hired help eons ago, and things got out of hand. They were contracted to do some heavy lifting or yard work or something, and some idiot women must have fed some of the guys, being the first to discover that once you feed a man, they won't leave. Scientists have discovered that two eggs can become a female embryo, but two sperm won't amount to anything (no, really?). And what about disease? Well, if the gender that wasn't so fastidious about cleaning we're the sole survivors, that would be a problem. But women will do just fine, and everything will come in a foil packet, making twisty lids obsolete.

So if male homosexuality is handed down from mommys, what causes lesbianism?
Frankly, I think lesbianism is really the default sexuality, and not a deviant preference. Lesbianism is the patriarchal term. I'd like to call it Mitochondrial Solidarity, a term, which in my mind, harks back to the days before the Nephilim invaded our happy, dyky Eden.

You gotta wonder. The X chromozome knows something we don't. There must be a reason for the battle, and perhaps that reason is that a correction is underway. Something that went awry ages ago is slowly being rectified. The patriarchal status quo should not be a measure of what is normal or right. The language must be examined, the motives investigated, and one must always ask, 'who does this serve?' 'whose interests are are looked after?'

Listen to your Mother.


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