Friday, June 30, 2006

Take That, British Empire!

Happy Friday, cruel world.

I get a four-day weekend and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm going to sit on my fat, dimpled ass and play one game of Free Cell after another. I'm going to use my time off to hang out with my cat George. By hang out, I mean ignoring her cries for attention within the 1,400 square feet of my home, instead of all the way from work.

I'm going to turn my alarm off and sleep long enough to get bedsores by the time Tuesday rolls around. That's the mark of a good vacation in my book. Though I'm not a proponent of multitasking--and certainly not during the course of precious time off, I plan to bust out a few bedsores AND grow a beard. That's what people do on vacation, isn't it?

Avoiding: Blues Festivals, Fireworks, Crowds, Yardwork, Telephones.

Happy In Depends Day!


Blogger Queen of the Inane said...

Yay you! I don't get a 4 day weekend, but hell if I even need a 4 day weekend(ps.b/cI'm broke)...I do have the 4th off tho...so I'ma have fun w/that:D

12:52 AM  
Blogger KlevaBich said...

You are too funny. May I steal that "In Depends Day" line? It's brilliant. Unlike my neighbors with their illegal fireworks... Hope your bedsores heal by tomorrow. ;-)

7:41 PM  
Anonymous ric v said...

Been looking for this but I had your name spelled wrong!

Looks good, girl, but a little out of date now.

Also found the Sight of Blood page. Delicious so far, I keep reading. Keep writing! You're beautiful.

6:31 PM  

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