Thursday, March 23, 2006

Grieving the Ephemeral; Celebrating the Tangible

A very good friend of mine is mourning the death of someone very close to her today. My friend is smart, evolved, enlightened, and psychic. And for all her enmeshment in spirit, she is devasated by the loss of her beloved friend. My friend lost someone who had been both a mother figure and a best friend, and was an enlightened soul herself. But her death, the utter stopping and stilling of her physical and finite body has my friend beside herself with grief.

Of course.

Funny. This imperfect shell, this pocked and puffy suit, flawed and blemished and clumsy--this is what our loved ones will miss. They will grieve this body in its dumb and wooden state, no matter that we didn't lose that 10 pounds, or 30. No matter that our skin wasn't creamy soft. No matter that we couldn't run a 3 minute mile.

And our loved ones will miss us--for we will all be missed eventually. They will grieve the stilled body, not because of the body itself, but because of the spirit which imbued it. This is how every one of us matters to everyone else in the end. This is how we are loved, and how we love others.

If we could grieve our own bodies, understanding what truly endears us to other souls, would we ever hold anything back?




Blogger Queen of the Inane said...

nice post...and I really do mean that, as one who has been there...is there still after all this time. You miss the body b/c of what inhabited it.

3:26 PM  

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