Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You're Getting Very Sleepy-er

Speaking of stupors...

I've just returned from my first hypnotherapy session with Nila. I sat in a big, maroon, BarcaLounger, certain that I' d be fully alert and condescending the whole time. I'm much too guarded, my original brain having been replaced with a racoon's (which explains my atrocious table manners) at a young age, and my default, relaxed mode is nervous and fidgety. C'mon--relax? In public? With people around? I won't let myself be that vulnerable.

I took Nila up on her gracious offer to meet with me for a 90 minute session. Nila is easy to talk to. She has a good 'mommy' energy about her, and laughs easily. She also speaks in a calming, alto-ranged voice, so very condusive to relaxing anyone within earshot. As a matter of fact, she related a couple of days earlier that while she was speaking with someone--I don't remember if it was at the bank or the car dealer or mechanic--but she noticed a familar glaze cloud over the person's eyes. "He was going into trance." She immediately changed her speaking pattern.

Now I know why. Not working. Not working. Wide awake... What happened? Where'd she go?

I followed her--lucid, alert--fully awake; then I could hear her talking--but couldn't focus on what she was saying. I was somewhere else. So of course, during a brief lucid moment, I clung to everything she was saying with my rabid little racoon brain, all achatter.

Until, that is, I once again fell off of her words and the images in my head, into the atmospherics of activity in other rooms, the whir of air conditioning, and buoyed by just the pitch of Nila's voice itself. She led me through seven doors, each opening to a room decked out in it's own slice of the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and finally violet.

Before the actual hypnosis, Nila spoke with me about my childhood, my dreams, and any psychic experiences I've had. We talked about my family, fears and blockages I have now that were seeded in childhood, and possibly from previous lifetimes. I got to lay a lot of stuff out in plain sight, and Nila's wheels were turning with various approaches to my issues.

She introduced me to a tool for relasing emotional blockages called Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT consists of rubbing the sore spot called the Psychological Reversal or PR spot on either side of your chest, below the collar bone, repeating an affirmation to release the blockage or to acknowledge the hindrance while loving and accepting yourself completly in spite of it. This is followed by tapping seven different areas on the face, chest and hands, repeating a key word or reminder of the affirmation.

Nipple rubbing is not allowed, so knock it off perverts.

Anyway, we completed three or four repititions of the excercise in Nila's office, and I've gone through the sequence twice since I got home. She recommends practicing EFT several times a day to effectively reverse negative thinking. I'll keep you all updated on my progress. I'm trying to release fear and unblock creativity, in case you were wondering.

Interestingly, the angel card I picked before my session:


Thank you Nila, for giving me a safe space to surrender.

Cindys are complicated things to engineer. The blueprint is screwy and the design seems too outlandish and far-fetched to bring to life. But ground has been broken and there's no going back. It seems to be taking a village, or at least a whole clinic (and then some) to raise me into whomever I'm going to become.

Hard hats are emphatically recommended.

From somewhere under the scaffolding,



Blogger annush said...

wow...that's pretty cool. I would like to partake in hypnotherapy one day, but it scares me.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Queen of the Inane said...

A hypnotist came to prom last year...but I'm not sure that's the same thing as I certainly did not go to dreamy land. Damnit. I did drugs that night too.

10:21 AM  

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