Thursday, July 28, 2005

And Now for Something
Not So Completely Different

I know there are some of you who look forward to the Friday poem because there will be no mention of massages or any other theraputic carnal extravagances. Anybody can get a massage or a facial or acupuncture or whatever. But I'm writing about my treatments because each of them is a first in some way for me. And it's my way of proving that the universe is at least taking care of me, even when I swear up and down that She's about as nurturing and attentive as a post-partum Christian zealot mother in Texas. I know better.

And so I share. It sounds like bragging at times, but really, I'm sharing. Let me reiterate for the greener visitors to WLPF what the deal is. I took employment as a receptionist with a naturopathic clinic the end of May, and one of the perks of the job is that I get to try all of the modalities the clinic offers. That way, I can speak knowledgably to potential clients about the particular discipline they're inquiring about.

My clinic employs four naturopaths, two acupuncturists, one esthetician, one chiropracter, six LMTs, and a spiritual counselor/sound healer/vocal coach. Our resident hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner rents space in the building now rather than being on the payroll. There are other holistic health practioners who rent space as well. Many of the practitioners are disciplined and licensed in more than one modality, or are in school to expand their healing skills. I'm surrounded by healers, real healers. People who practice medicine not because it's the family business, or because there's money in it--there isn't, or because there is prestige.

They care about people, they care about the whole person they're treating, and many clients/patients who come to the clinic have exhausted traditional avenues of medicine, and have only found relief with the treatment they've received at my clinic. Some of them travel great distances to see our practitioners.

I work with gifted healers who are nurturing and giving souls, and they've generously extended their talents and energies to me, and I'm deeply, deeply grateful for that gift.

I get a discount on products too. Now I'm bragging.


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