Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How Stupid Are They?

It's official. Oregon, hands down, has the stupidest, most ineffective legislature in the union. Governor Kulongoski signed into law a bill requiring a prescription for cold medicine. Go ahead. Read it again to make sure you read it right. In Oregon, law abiding citizens must drag their runny nosed-asses to their doctors before they can get relief for their colds or allergies.

Meanwhile, the meth dealers are getting their psuedophedrine out of state. I guess those of us in Portland without insurance will be driving to Vancouver for an 8 dollar box of Sudafed.

Or I could just use my sleeve.


Blogger Queen of the Inane said...

That's retarded.

2:29 PM  
Blogger KlevaBich said...

I didn't have much of a problem with them keeping the stuff behind the counter; inconvenient but not the end of the world. But now, like you said, what about the uninsured (and their numbers are legion). I really don't think this is the best answer.

On the other hand, there is some other decongestant available now, another long name starting with "P" that seems to work almost as well...

4:24 PM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...

Oh, do tell, Nancy, really? I need to find some. I just can't do the diphenhydramine. It knocks me on my ass.

Do you know which brands make it? I'll have to look next time I'm at the store.

And Hannah, yes it's the most retarted thing ever. EVER!

8:17 PM  
Blogger MSSunderstood said...

$85 for a doctors visit.
What now..$12 bucks for the sudafed?
And after a couple of refills they'll want ya to come in for ANOTHER office visit.

Turn that sleave inside out before ya wipe, it won't show.

11:35 PM  
Blogger KlevaBich said...

phenylpropanolamine? phenylephrine? I don't have the package with me, but I think it's one of those. I got it at Bi-Mart, their own generic package. Good luck!

And make sure that sleeve is absorbent cotton...

9:12 AM  
Blogger annush said...

that really is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. In GErmany itis like that, and it is a HUGE inconvenience.

what do you do if you have a REALLY bad cold and no health insurance?

12:41 PM  
Blogger MSSunderstood said...

Ha Ha Ha
Did I say sleave?
Shirley, I misspoke myselve,
of coarse I meant SLEEVE.
A thousand partons.

2:27 PM  
Blogger MSSunderstood said...

Again, Ms. St Onge your missed opportunity on dark poetry Friday, has a few of us concerned for your health, mental and physical.
Cindi, may I take your name off the list of the missing and exploited?

10:15 PM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...

Mssunderstood-- I'm neither missing nor exploited, just tired, burnt, drained, and mute.
Don't cry for me Argentina. I can't believe I missed poetry day. POETRY DAY!! That's bad. Now I'm worried.

10:32 PM  

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