Saturday, July 09, 2005

Smarter Than the Average Bear

In today's weird news:

Remember the "Land Shark" Saturday Night Live skit? A knock is heard at the door, Lorraine Newman or whoever would ask, "Who is it?" and the mumbled reply, would come. "Candy gram; Pizza; and a variety of other ruses that might convince Lorraine to open the door.

A bear in Croatia is working the con, trick-or-treating his way through the streets in search of pic-a-nic baskets.

It's funny, because it's scary. And true.




Anonymous prplecat said...

Do you remember the story last year about the bear in the Northeast somewhere who learned to puncture beer cans and drink? He drank over a case of beer, finishing all the Mt. Ranier and leaving most of the Busch. They found him dead drunk and relocated him. A long way from a convenience store, I hope...

10:57 PM  
Blogger Cindy St. Onge said...

I didn't hear about that. Oh god, those bears.
I read a great short story--a speculative fiction piece by Terry Bisson called "Bears Discover Fire." Sounds like firestarting among bears isn't such a stretch of the imagination any longer.

8:51 PM  

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