Tuesday, May 03, 2005

That Damned Maroulis

Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned" aired on the SciFi channel Sunday. Remember, it's the stinker of an adaptation starring a buck-fanged Aisha before she 'bit-it' in a plane crash. Get it? "Bit-it," with the teeth and the idiom for dying 'n' stuff--. OKnevermind. Yes, I know I'm being crass, but it's my blog and I can be as crass as I want to be.

So back to the movie. The opening scene is a cheesy press conference with Lestat's band, for which he'd been linked up by video. Something about this actor--whatever his name was--was very, very familiar. Maybe it was because I had seen the movie before. No, that wasn't it. I hit the 'info' button on the remote to see the cast. Didn't recognize his name. I looked hard at his face, which I could only see in between all the eye-rolling warranted by the absolutely fetid dialogue. It wasn't just his features that resonated, but his mannerisms, the angle of his head--it reminded me of someone...on the tip of my tongue... oh who is it... .....


That's it! Constantine Maroulis, the recently deposed butt-rocker favorite on American Idol is actually the vampire Lestat! Do you know what I said about Constantine the first time I saw his audition, and then everytime he got a close-up? "He's got vampire teeth. He should get those fixed." I really said that! And now it all makes perfectly plain sense. Constantine/Lestat. Lestat/Constantine. You try telling them apart.



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